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Native Instruments Scarbee Pre-Bass [DVD][VSTi/Kontakt]

330 р.
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Native Instruments Scarbee Pre-Bass [DVD][VSTi/Kontakt]

Native Instruments Scarbee Pre-Bass [DVD][VSTi/Kontakt]

Native Instruments Scarbee - Pre-Bass признан одним из самых лучших инструментов, созданных по технологии высококачественного сэмплирования. В Native Instruments Scarbee - Pre-Bass учитываются все тонкости звучания Fender бас гитары (все возможные призвуки живой гитары, эффекты создающиеся музыкантами при игре на ней и т. д. Native Instruments Scarbee - Pre-Bass используется в таких стилях как: Регги, Рок, Поп, Хип-хоп, Ритм, Блюз. Форматы данных Native Instruments Scarbee - Pre-Bass: NKX, NKI для плеера, либо сэмплера KONTAKT 4. Качество сэмплирования: stereo, 44100Khz/24bit.

The newest instrument in our "Powered-by KONTAKT" series is SCARBEE PRE-BASS - based on the highly-regarded Scarbee Blue Bass. Created by the accomplished bassist and producer Thomas Hansen Skarbye, this instrument is a faithfully sampled Fender® Precision bass, with the extraordinary authenticity that Scarbee is known for.

Scarbee and Native Instruments have established a partnership that will see the expert sample house release many more instruments powered by the industry-leading KONTAKT technology. And you don't need to buy another NI product - the instruments are ready-to-play with the free KONTAKT PLAYER (or KONTAKT). Thomas Skarbye and script-wizard Nils Liberg provide a level of detail and precision that has made Scarbee a by-word for quality. Apply this to the multi award-winning KONTAKT platform, and producers can look forward to a line of premium instruments covering the entire musical spectrum. 

Recorded with round-wound strings to get a fat and dirty sound, SCARBEE PRE-BASS also features a vast and incredibly intuitive set of playing techniques. The level of expression makes for a truly authentic and fun playing experience, and lends itself to a wide range of styles, from reggae, to pop, rock, hip-hop, R&B and much more.

SCARBEE PRE-BASS is fully playable in real time, with almost all articulations (including mutes, harmonics, hammer-ons, pull-offs, grace notes and more) available without key switches. What's more, SCARBEE PREBASS makes exceptional use of the KONTAKT interface, displaying a fretboard overview with articulations dynamically updated as you play. With over 4,000 samples covering all four strings, nine velocity layers, and advanced scripting that makes playing both highly intuitive and stunningly authentic, it's easy to see why the pros choose SCARBEE PRE-BASS. 

Thomas Hansen Skarbye is a highly regarded bassist who has worked with artists such as Nile Rogers (Chic) and Alicia Keys. His sound design brand has become synonymous with quality and playability, and his sampled instruments have become the first choice of many top producers and musicians all over the world. 



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