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Upright Piano Collection [2 CDs Set]

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ProSamples Vol.36 Chillout Товар 35 из 230
категории Multiformat
 Technoid Guitars [2 CDs Set]
Upright Piano Collection [2 CDs Set]

Giga Upright Piano Collection for Kontakt,Gigastudio, Halion and EXS24, features 2 outstanding upright pianos sampled with the care and precision normally associated with Grand piano Giga libraries. Each piano weighs in at 2 Gigs ! ( We were limited by Microsoft's 2 Gig file limit, trust me we could've went way larger). These Upright pianos represent a century of Upright pianos. The first piano in this collection is a Steinway Boston Upright piano, this piano is brand new and sounds exquisite. The piano was sampled in a pristine acoustically tuned environment with every note in 4 velocities pedal up and 4 velocities pedal down for 20 seconds (A0 to B4, all other notes on pedal up have total natural decay) on each note plus a piano release layer using top of the line microphones and preamps recorded in 24 bits, dithered down to 16 bits using Apogee's UV22 technology in a original recording pattern which yields a richer and fuller C3 to G4 which usually sound hollow in stereo recordings. The Steinway Boston comes with multiple instruments and configurations to fit everyone's needs. Memory friendly instruments are also included. The results were so good on this piano that absolutly no EQ was needed to enhance this piano, what you hear it what I heard when playing this great piano.

The 1908 Clinton Upright as you might expect has loads of character, it was also sampled with 4 velocities pedal up and 4 velocities pedal down. This piano was sampled on every note for Approx. 22 seconds in the same acoustically tuned environment the Steinway was sampled in with the up most care to capture the tone of this magnificent instrument. This one sounds great playing Blues Piano tunes.

Both pianos come with filter modulation using the modwheel of a keyboard controller for a brighter or darker tone selon you personal preference.

There as never ever been a more complete and exquisite Upright piano library made, this is the cream of the crop when it comes to Upright pianos, the sound is warm different, adds a touch of originality to anyone's music and as already inspired me to create wonderful music.

I am extremely happy and proud of this library, I never thought the results would be this good, experience the warmth and originality of these great Upright pianos for yourself.

This library translates in Steinberg Halion ver 1.1 and higher with no problems, these samples are uncompressed and no loops were used.


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