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SAM Solo Sessions 24bit GiGA3
SAM Solo Sessions 24bit GiGA3

420 р.
210 р.
BackBeats (with Groove Control) CD 2
BackBeats (with Groove Control) CD 2

120 р.
Sibelius 6 [Full DVD Version]
Sibelius 6 [Full DVD Version]

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Reason 3 [3 CD]

210 р.
Teknics Xtreme House 2 Товар 34 из 157
категории Reason Refills
 Jungle Warfare 1
Reason 3 [3 CD]

3 CDs. New Reason 3.0 gives you one-step loading of complex, customizable instruments and effect setups, a new instrument-packed soundbank, instant integration with MIDI keyboards and controllers, a new intuitive file browser, plus a suite of mastering tools. For a pleasurable, performance-friendly Reason experience.

Less fuss, more inspiration
As a Reason user, you can forget about the downsides of music production. Forget malfunctioning modules and confusing connections. Reason's cables don't tangle. Forget about tiny backlit displays and steep learning curves. Reason is so direct you'll learn it in minutes. And forget the tedious process of gathering all the different disks and sound banks needed to load up a song. With Reason, picking up where you left off ��� be it last night or last month ��� is as simple as turning the power on. When you save your music, your whole studio setup is stored along with it. You can even include your samples, loops and drum kits in the Reason file, for easy web publishing or email collaboration with other Reason users. For once, total recall is truly total.
And so is the sound. The audio quality is everything you would expect from Propellerhead Software. But pristine sound quality is only half the story; the instruments and effects in Reason are loaded with character and attitude. Although easy to learn and a breeze to use, Reason is an extremely flexible system that's as complex and advanced as you make it. And with sophisticated tools such as the MClass mastering suite, or the Combinator, which lets you build new instruments and effects by combining and layering Reason devices, Reason will not just impress, but inspire you.

Control your controls
Each unit in Reason's virtual rack is edited from its own on-screen front panel. All the sliders, knobs, buttons and functions are right in front of you, ready to be tweaked, turned and twisted in absolute real-time. And all your front panel actions ��� filter adjustments, pitch bending, gain riding or panning ��� can be recorded and automated in the Reason sequencer.

Radical routing
A single keypress will turn Reason's rack around, and there you are, in patch cord heaven. Most audio connections are made automatically. When a new device is created, it appears immediately below the currently selected device, and Reason patches it into the system in the most logical way. Repatch by dragging the patch cord plug to the desired connector, or just make a pop-up menu choice. Most devices have one or more parameters controlled by Gate and/or CV. And all instrument devices have several Gate or CV output options. Combine this with easy, transparent patching, and you have connection power approaching that of a fully modular synth.

Need more gear?
No problem. Choose a synth, a drum machine, a loop player or any device from the Create menu, and it will instantly appear in your rack, logically patched into the signal chain. And because Reason is designed to go easy on your computer, you can repeat the process until you're more than happy. If you ever wished you had eleven samplers and ten compressors, Reason is definitely for you. And if you have created more machines than you have mixer channels, just create another mixer. The studio of your dreams is just a few mouse clicks away.

New in Reason 3.0:

The combinator
It's not an effect unit. It's not a synth. It sure isn't a sampler. It's... all of it. And more. The all new Combinator is a sophisticated device that allows you to build elaborate chains of Reason units - instruments, effects, pattern sequencers, you name it - and save as Combi patches.

The M-Class Mastering Suite
Want big, tight, loud sounding tracks? Need extra stereo width, increased clarity, punchier bass? Say hello to MClass, the new mastering suite in Reason 3.0. MClass brings you four separate pro level mastering units designed to add power, presence and an overall professional feel to your Reason mixes.

For those of you with a more hands-on approach to making music, the revolutionary Remote technology in Reason 3.0 will be a welcome new feature. True hardware integration!

3.0 Browser
With the Reason 3.0 browser, the task of finding and loading sounds and patches becomes just as smooth and intuitive as the process of making good music in Reason

3.0 SoundBank
Reason's sound palette is getting bigger, better, wider and wilder. The new sound bank in Reason 3.0 adds huge quantities of instruments, sounds and patches to Reason's already massive library. Focusing on carefully sampled musical instruments and useful Combinator setups rather than loops and beats, the new soundbank takes a more playable, more performance- friendly direction.

Line Mixer 6:2
Line mixing, Combi mixing or regular submixing? Leave it to Line Mixer 6:2
Line Mixer 6:2 is a simple but effective 6-channel stereo line mixer. Built primarily for use in the Combinator, the Line Mixer 6:2 handles basic mixing and panning of Combi devices, but can of course be inserted anywhere in Reason: use it for submixing large drum kits, or to add extra mixer channels when Reason's main mixer is starting to fill up. Each of the six channels feature level and pan controls, mute and solo buttons plus an AUX send level control. Need more sends? Extra channels? Just create another Line Mixer.


Azat Jumabek Uulu Дата добавления: 14 May 2007 г.
Программа Ризон не простая штука, советую купить всем . Отличные звуки у меня дома уже скоро стены рухнут от этих звуков. Хотел бы купить полный комплект звуков к ней.

Рейтинг: 5 из 5 звезд! [5 из 5 звезд!]
Борис Семенов Дата добавления: 09 June 2006 г.
Хорошая вещь.

Рейтинг: 5 из 5 звезд! [5 из 5 звезд!]
Василий Ротар Дата добавления: 29 January 2006 г.
REASON 3.0- это Профессиональный набор инструментов, бесподобная работа на Миди интерфейсе; короче очень класная программа. P.S. Советую еще купить к ней Producing Music With Reason за 120руб-это учебник по работе

Рейтинг: 5 из 5 звезд! [5 из 5 звезд!]
Сергей Салехов Дата добавления: 23 January 2006 г.
Обалденная программа. Качественный саунд. Всем советую купить. Фруйти Луупс - это игрушка по сравнению с ним. В общем берите, даже не думайте.

Рейтинг: 5 из 5 звезд! [5 из 5 звезд!]
Vitaly Ivanzov Дата добавления: 20 December 2005 г.
Sovetuju vsem, kto delaet muzyku. lichno sam pishu soundtracki/virtual orchstra s etoj progaj. takzhe zvuku pokruche chem v Absynth mozhno zdelat' (ne ja skazal) no polnost'ju soglasen s etim. Klassno sovmeshat' s drugimi progami cherez rewire.sam s original'noj rabotaju. no do etogo na etom sajte kupil.

Рейтинг: 5 из 5 звезд! [5 из 5 звезд!]
Сергей Медведенко Дата добавления: 09 December 2005 г.
Отличная штука.Даже думать не стоит: брать или не брать

Рейтинг: 5 из 5 звезд! [5 из 5 звезд!]
нияз рафикович Дата добавления: 19 September 2005 г.
Хорошая программа, советую всем купить, кто еще не купил.

Рейтинг: 5 из 5 звезд! [5 из 5 звезд!]
Владислав Корсаков Дата добавления: 29 June 2005 г.
Это лучшая программа из всех с которыми мне доводилось работать!

Рейтинг: 5 из 5 звезд! [5 из 5 звезд!]
Александр Степин Дата добавления: 02 June 2005 г.
Отличная программа, хороший мастеринг, - рад заказу, огромное спасибо вам...

Рейтинг: 5 из 5 звезд! [5 из 5 звезд!]
Vitaliy Zarkiy Дата добавления: 12 May 2005 г.
где мне купить эту программу:?. помогит!егде мне купить эту программу:?. помогит!егде мне купить эту программу:?. помогит!егде мне купить эту программу:?. помогит!егде мне купить эту программу:?. помогит!егде мне купить эту программу:?. помогит!е

Рейтинг: 5 из 5 звезд! [5 из 5 звезд!]
Иван Гимадеев Дата добавления: 20 April 2005 г.
Программа отличная, возможности не ограниченны, очень удобный секвенсор, подключения устройств и т.д. Всем советую приобрести, т.к. на сайте автора она стоит около 500$.

Рейтинг: 5 из 5 звезд! [5 из 5 звезд!]
Vitaly Ivanzov Дата добавления: 30 March 2005 г.
Kupite ne POSHALEITE, novaia versia SUPER , mastering ochen' klasnii i combinator toshe shas seshu tracki kotorii v 2.5 zdelal mastering nastraiva. soundbanki novii toshe prikol'nii. 1000/1000

Рейтинг: 5 из 5 звезд! [5 из 5 звезд!]
Станислав Шевченко Дата добавления: 24 March 2005 г.
На самом деле - вещь на котрую стоит потратить деньги!

Рейтинг: 5 из 5 звезд! [5 из 5 звезд!]
Vitaly Ivanzov Дата добавления: 18 March 2005 г.
SOVETUIU VSEM MUZIKANTAM !!!!!!ia ushe ne pervii den' rabotau s reason 2.5 , no na novai budit vse cho nushno dlia sozdania polnozenogo tracka. ushe dal zakaz :-))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Рейтинг: 5 из 5 звезд! [5 из 5 звезд!]
Текущие отзывы: 14
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Reason 3 [3 CD]
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а. Качеств-
нный саунд. Всем советую купит ..

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