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Cakewalk Guitar Tracks Pro 3.0

90 р.
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 Cakewalk Plasma 2003 [2 CDs Set]
Cakewalk Guitar Tracks Pro 3.0

The revolution starts here

Introducing the all new Guitar Tracks Pro 3—the revolutionary new PC recording software that gives you the freedom to create music anywhere, anytime, without worrying about technology—the freedom to forget about the tools and focus on your music.

Guitar Tracks Pro includes everything you need to deliver professional results—no expensive hardware is required. You get a 32-track digital recorder and virtual mixing console; IK Multimedia's Amplitube LE—a special edition of the leading guitar amp plug-in; high-quality effects; powerful looping tools with full ACID™-loop support; a chromatic-tuner; a metronome; and a complete library of backing tracks.

With Guitar Tracks Pro 3 you get the best of both worlds—pro quality production tools and the speed and ease of your old portable multi-track. So start your own revolution with Guitar Tracks Pro 3 and set your music free.

Key features

When it's time to take their music to the PC, more guitar players and singer-songwriters rely on Cakewalk music software than anything on the market today. Key features include:

* Familiar multitrack recorder interface
* Record and play back up to 32 audio tracks
* Arrange music with point and click ease
* Extensive audio editing capabilities
* Superior sonic quality—up to 24-bit/96 kHz
* Record your whole band using up to 32 inputs and outputs through multi-channel audio hardware
* 32x8 internal Mixing Console
* Mix and record using up to 32 simultaneous real-time effects
* Accurate envelope automation of mix parameters and effects
* Extensive SMART LOOPS ACID loop library for fast creation of backing tracks
* Import/Export .wav, .mp3*, and .wma files
* High-quality sample rate conversion when importing and exporting audio
* Support for multiple meters and tempos
* Unlimited undo/redo with edit history
* Use any Windows-compatible audio hardware via ASIO and WDM


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