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Dance eJay 7 [2 CD]

210 р.
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Dance eJay 7 [2 CD]

Dance eJay 7 [2 CD]

Dance 7 has been completely re-designed from the ground up, with an all new interface and code base.

Dance 7 features 99 true stereo tracks which have controls for pan and volume, as well as Performance Curves. Songs are now built from Sound Clips, which contain one real-time instrument from a selection of Sample Loop Player, Poly Synth, Bass Synth and Drum Machine, and up to 4 real-time effects per clip, allowing extreme flexibility and final production polish.

Dance 7 sports a new Sample Studio, with enhanced editing features and the ability to process samples using any of the virtual effects. Other key features are integral CD Burning, File Manager and off-line HTML based Help & Tutorial Document

*Please Note: By using the .wav export function in the previous eJay software you will be able to import samples or complete tracks into Dance 7 as Dance 7 has direct wav files support.

Product Features:

* Build songs from Sound Clips or create your own songs, note by note
* 5000+ Sounds (Sound Clips, Waveforms and Virtual Instrument Patches)
* Fully expandable with more Plug-in Instruments and Effects
* Virtual Instruments can be operated in Simple or Advanced mode
* Polyphony and effects count are only limited by the speed of your PC
* Change BPM without changing the pitch of the song (40 - 600 bpm)
* Faster Load times than previous versions
* Full Undo/Redo function
* 1024 x 768 or 1280 x 960 screen modes
* Performance meter shows how hard your PC is working

Song Arranger
* Up to 99 channels and 999 bars
* Song Data Cut, Copy & Paste
* User can save Virtual Instrument settings as a “Preset”
* Volume Performance Curve for each channel
* Pan Performance Curve for each channel
* Mute and Solo multiple channels
* Individual Volume & Pan setting for each channel
* Zoom function allows zooming in or out of the Arranger screen
* V.U. meter shows the stereo output as the Song plays
* "Panic" mute to toggle volume on/off

Sample Studio
* Sample new sounds into Dance 7
* Edit samples with cut, copy, paste and trim
* Apply any number of effects
* Save for later use or use in Sample Loop Player

Virtual Instruments
* Sample Loop Player
* Plays back custom loops, samples or WAV files
* Edit the aspects of a loop at a component level
* Synthesizer
* Built in note sequencer allows the creation of any melody
* Virtual Instrument allows almost infinite sound creation by parameter editing
* Fully polyphonic, allowing chord pattern creation
* Drum Machine
* Use up to 8 drum sounds to create your own rhythms
* Edit the volume, pan, filter and other parameters of each instance of each sound
* Bass Synth
* Built in note sequencer allows the creation of any bass line
* Virtual Instrument allows almost infinite sound creation by parameter editing
* Monophonic with Portamento for slide bass effects

* Master Effects – Chose 4 Master Effects to modify your song
* Reverb - Fully configurable to creation environments (hall, room, etc)
* Chorus - Fully editable to create gentle phasing, wide choral or pipe delay effects
* Echo - Vary the echo time, stereo width and mix levels
* E.Q. - Fine tune with 10 frequency band controls
* Distortion - Create effects like electric guitar distortion
* Compressor - Remove excessive volume dynamics from your song for a "Radio" level output


Елена Сытина Дата добавления: 29 September 2006 г.
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Dance eJay 7 [2 CD]
По моему это лучшая програм-
а для создани-
музыки? ..

5 из 5 звёзд!
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