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Vertikal [2 DVDs Set]

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Spectrasonics Omnisphere [8 DVD]

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Sonik Capsule: Studio Drums

120 р.
Sonik Capsule: Acoustic Guitar Товар 1 из 27
категории SampleTank
 Sample Tank 2L CD 4
Sonik Capsule: Studio Drums

Sonik Reality Sonik Capsule: Studio Drums

Killer acoustic drums for every soft-sampler

When you need that realism and expression from an acoustic drum kit for a great price look no further. The Studio Drums Capsule brings that crisp studio sound to your favorite software sampler. Whether you want to load this multi-format library into Battery, Kontakt, EXS24mk2, HALion, NNXT or Sampletank, you'll find it to be one of the best tools for playing realistic drum parts.

Flexible Mapping

The Studio Drums Capsule is mapped in both SR iMAP layout and standard GM, both as kits and individually for flexibility in creating custom kits. The SR iMap layout is identical to the layout found in Sonic Reality's world-reknown Interactive Drum Kits and Snares library and facilitates amazing"keyboard-based"drumming by placing every drum and cymbal in its most intuitive location. Perform complex patterns and offbeats with the greatest of ease. Standard GM kit mapping is also included with every kit for convenience and portability.

Incredible expressiveness

Play drum kits with multiple velocity switch points and alternate hits - nothing sounds closer to a live drummer. Multiple hihat and snare positions, ghost notes, left and right stick drum rolls, chokes, dynamics... the tools of expression are there!

Be a well-rounded player

A nice variety of different makes such as Yamaha®, Gretsch®, Ludwig®and more. Includes brush kits, modern and vintage kits, heavy rock kits, dance kits, jazz kits and more - not to mention the infinite amount of sounds you can make by producing and processing them to fit in your style of music! The Studio Drum Capsule is a versatile library of over 1,000 hits with natural dry and medium studio ambience. A must for anyone looking to make professional sounding drum tracks without having to spend the big bucks.


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