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Logic Studio 9 Full Version [12 DVD]
Logic Studio 9 Full Version [12 DVD]

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2,160 р.
BackBeats (with Groove Control) CD 1
BackBeats (with Groove Control) CD 1

120 р.

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Ableton Live 7

60 р.
Pro Tools TDM 6.9 for Windows XP Товар 11 из 137
категории Музыкальные редакторы
 Maven3D Professional
Ableton Live 7

Ableton Live 7

Live 7—What's New

Ableton Live 7 renews the core of Live, with enhancements to the audio engine including 64-bit mix summing, new and improved devices with side-chaining capability, better MIDI timing, and hardware integration. We have also included the most-requested features, such as time signature changes, video export, multiple automation lanes and much more. Version 7 marks the arrival of the new "Drum Rack" which streamlines beat production via an easy drag-and-drop interface and offers native sliced audio and REX file support, bringing endless creative possibilities to beat lovers.

Enhanced Audio Engine

Live 7's enhanced audio engine improves fidelity with precision 64-bit summing at all mix points throughout the program, POW-r dithering, optimized sample-rate conversion and other advances.

New Compressor

The new compressor device integrates the compression models of Compressor I and II, and offers a new model based on a feedback design commonly found in the most praised vintage compressors.


Fully integrated side-chaining capability is available for the new Compressor as well as Gate and Auto Filter.

Device High-Quality Modes

Operator, Dynamic Tube and Saturator now feature optional High-Quality modes for anti-aliased processing, reducing typical "digital" artifacts.

EQ Eight—New and Improved

EQ Eight sports an improved user interface and a new 64-bit mode for increased accuracy and fidelity.

Introducing Spectrum

The new Spectrum device is an analyzer that provides real-time visual feedback for any audio signals within Live (and it looks really cool!).

Improved MIDI Timing

The MIDI engine has been reworked, and we were able to significantly reduce timing error (jitter) of recorded MIDI.

Easy Hardware Integration

Hardware integration has been streamlined with the addition of two new devices—External Instrument and External Audio Effect—allowing hardware synthesizers and effects to be inserted into device chains just like software plug-ins.

Enhanced Memory Management

New memory management technology allows users of large sample libraries, such as Ableton's new sampled instruments or third-party libraries imported via Sampler, to run an impressive number of instruments at the same time. This happens automatically, with no setup changes required.

Audio Engine Fact Sheet

The Audio Engine Fact Sheet explains exactly how signals are (or are not) being modified when performing fundamental audio operations in Live, and provides tips for achieving the highest quality results.

MIDI Engine Fact Sheet

The MIDI Engine Fact Sheet documents MIDI timing tests on both Windows and Mac platforms using various MIDI interfaces, and describes exactly what users can expect in terms of MIDI timing accuracy.


Егор Бельских Дата добавления: 01 September 2005 г.
Программа очень здорово работает в связке с Reason. Возможности Reason + VST... Очень даже удобно, ненужно себя в чём-то ограничивать. Да и сами Пропеллеры рекомендуют.

Рейтинг: 5 из 5 звезд! [5 из 5 звезд!]
Текущие отзывы: 1
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Ableton Live 7
а очень здорово работае-
в связке с Reason. Возможн-

5 из 5 звёзд!
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