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The Resource [2 DVDs Set]

720 р.
390 р.
BackBeats (with Groove Control) CD 3
BackBeats (with Groove Control) CD 3

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Nuendo 4.3 [Full DVD Version]

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Vengeance Ultimate Bass

120 р.
Black Beats from da Block - RnB/HipHop Stylez [2 CD] Товар 35 из 242
категории WAV
 Vengeance Effects vol. 1
Vengeance Ultimate Bass

FACTS Vengeance Ultimate Bass:

* over 750 ultra depp club-basses by Manuel Schleis & Manuel Reuter (750 are really many!)
* all waveforms are sampled very long
* basses sorted by root key
* "ready to use" optimized - basses are EQed and compressed
* EXS and Halion files for each bass (sorted in banks) - just load this basses into Halion/EXS - it's like you switch presets with a VSTi
* all basses are looped, so you can use them for other crazy things, too!
* universal wav format

After "Vengeance Effects Vol.1" Mutekki Media introduces "Vengeance Ultimate Bass", the next exciting sample collection for the ambitious producer. Entirely committed to bass, this CD contains all powerful bass waveforms known from the present production standard. This sampling CD covers all common genres like techno, trance, dance, club and hard style at the highest stage. Overall it can be selected from over 750 bass sounds.
The spectrum holds all imaginable bass types such as sub- and offbeat, groan, analogue, pulse & distorted , which without exceptions can be played in all tone pitches because of their length of more than one second. This enables boundless freedom for the production of the user´s track. Vengeance basses provide exactly the compression a track needs to ignite on the dancefloor.

The commercial use is royalty free, but not only therefore this CD is interesting for both semi and professional producers. The wide range of fresh sounds makes this sound sampler to one of the most attractive of its category. The utilisation of the WAV format makes this CD suitable for Cubase/Logic- as well as for Reason and Fruityloops operators and moreover is PC- as well as Mac-compatible. The variety of bass sounds is clearly arranged into folders by their root key and the tonal labelling are international, which makes the material clear and easy to handle. The CD includes EXS and Halion files as bonus material, which simplifies loading into common (software) samplers.

Like "Vengeance Essential Club Sounds Vol.1" and "Vengeance Effects Vol.1" it´s Manuel Schleis and Manuel Reuter, two of the most respected producers in the dance industry, who grab deep into their sound chest to deliver another sampling CD par excellance. Manuel Schleis, acknowledged sound constructor and remixer, who is not only holding his own platform Vengeance Sound making sound sets online available but also programmed sounds and factory presets for established brands such as Roland, Access, Waldorf & reFX. His equally respected production partner Manuel Reuter stands behind projects like DJ Manian, Yanou, Cascada or Plazmatek. Both together remixes established chart projects as the likes of Groove Coverage, 4 Strings, Pulsedriver and Klubbingman. Their long lasting experience in producing electronic music gets impressively included ino this sampler.

Absolutely recommendable!


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