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Hall of Fame [2 DVD]

600 р.
Acoustics.Net Impulses for Waves IRx Товар 8 из 11
категории Impulses
 Acousticas Lexicon 224 IR Library
Hall of Fame [2 DVD]

Best Service Hall of Fame [WAV / AIFF Impulse Collection]

32 Bit True Stereo High Definition Impulse Responses from the World’s Most Famous Reverb Units!

Act on impulse! This collection of IRs from the world‘s most famous reverb units takes your convolution reverb plugin to the next level. Produced on state-of-the-art equipment for maximum resolution, ultra-low noise levels and pristine, transparent sound quality.

Using tailor-made test and production methods, the people at the renowned Soniclab studio obtained stunning audio quality that actually matches that of the original equipment. 32 Bit True stereo technology was used to accurately reflect the signal positions, leaving the soundstage of the mix intact. Deconvolution side effects were EQ’d out carefully, and no automatic batch processing was used.

Exclusive HDIR (High Definition Impulse Response) technology delivers unparalleled precision.

Since all processing and editing work was done in 32 bit floating point format, the 32 bit files provide the ultimate in sound quality. That said, the 24 bit versions of all the presets are almost as impressive and are ideal if your plugin cannot handle 32 bit files.

“The most critical parameter in convolution reverb is always the quality of the IRs you use.“ Wolfgang Lenden – audio engineer & music producer / Soniclab studio

The DVD multi-format library features all the legendary L96 and T600C hardware reverb presets in Wave and AIFF formats, and also Wave files of the Altiverb 5-6 format. All files come in 32-bit and 24-bit versions at 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz.

Some presets offer the choice of longer or shorter reverb time too, and some IRs even offer Early Reflections / Tail Only.

Complete set of HDIR models included: Ambience, Booth, Cathedral, Chambers, Church, Concert Hall, Dance Club, Halls of Fame Collection, Opera House, Music Hall, Philharmonic Hall, Plates, Post Production, Rooms, Stage & Hall, Stage & Chamber, Scoring Stage, Large Hall, Studio Small, Wild Spaces, Vocal Plates and much more.

The following convolution reverbs are supported:

• Voxengo Pristine Space
• Waves IR 1
• Audioease Altiverb 5
• Audioease Altiverb 6
• Emagic Spacedesigner
• Prosoniq Rayverb
• Christian Knufinke SIR
• Magix Samplitude
• NI Kontakt 2
• Wizoo W2
• GigaPulse
• TL Space
• and many more


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