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Vertikal [2 DVDs Set]
Vertikal [2 DVDs Set]

660 р.
330 р.
Symphony of Voices Bundle [5 CD]
Symphony of Voices Bundle [5 CD]

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Sibelius 6 [Full DVD Version]
Sibelius 6 [Full DVD Version]

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Native Instruments Reaktor 4 + Best Ensembles

180 р.
Native Instruments REAKTOR 5 Товар 746 из 753
категории VST
 Wizoo LM-4 Kit Collection - Electronic Drums
Native Instruments Reaktor 4 + Best Ensembles

This MEGA PACK contains:

Native Instruments Reaktor v4
Native Instruments Reaktor v4 Patch for Loading v3 Ensembles in V4
Native Instruments Reaktor v4 TOP30 Banks
Native Instruments Reaktor v3 PREMIUM LIBRARY ADDON
210 Reaktor Ensembles

REAKTOR 4, the award-winning modular sound studio, is the ultimate tool for sound design and music production. REAKTOR 4 lets musicians and engineers design and build their own instruments, samplers, effects and sound design tools.

REAKTOR 4 is also a world-class studio right out of the box – its Core Library includes 31 high-professional instruments and effects. In addition, more than 1700 free instruments can be downloaded from the growing NI User Library.

REAKTOR offers access to an arsenal of sonic tools limited only by the imagination.

The fourth generation
Vastly improved and expanded with many new high-performance features, REAKTOR 4 enters new sonic dimensions. Besides an even more brilliant sound, the new modules and interface elements, integrated browser, graphical sample mapping and new preset functions guarantee the highest level of comfort and flexibility. The new library, created by top sound designers, offers an extensive selection of instruments for nearly every type of application in modern music production.

Construct your own instruments
REAKTOR makes it possible for you to invent and realize your own virtual instruments. Select from more than one hundred modules and function blocks (macros), such as oscillators, filters, LFOs, samplers, sequencers and effects, and create your own instruments by “cabling” the various elements together. Existing instruments can be combined and enhanced, or take out parts of them to use in building other instruments. The control surface can also be custom designed – from the size and layout of the knobs and displays to the integration of images and graphics.

Instruments for every application
The completely newly designed library for REAKTOR 4 includes an extensive collection of first-class synthesizers, samplers, drum machines, loop tools, step sequencers, live performance machines and effects units, each one with thousands of presets. All instruments can be played right away – standalone or as a Plug-In in every professional sequencer.

Integration is everything REAKTOR 4 supports every professional interface for integration into any computer studio. In addition to standalone use with ASIO and Core Audio™, REAKTOR 4 also works as a Plug-In via VST 2®, Audio Units™, RTAS™, and DXi™

Top Features

* Fully modular realtime software for synthesis, sampling and effects processing
* Allows to customize or create instruments from sratch
* Includes an outstanding collection of 31 synthesizers, surround and studio effects, live performance tools, samplers, and more
* Superb sound quality due to state-of-the-art algorithms with 32-bit floating-point precision and sample rates up to 192 kHz
* Convenient plug-in integration with automation, Total Recall, smart window sizing, unlimited instances
* Powerful snapshot handling with morphing and randomization
* Graphical sample mapping with integrated Kontakt mapper
* Smooth anti-aliasing oscillators from the Pro-53
* Grain-cloud granular delay module with freezing and live-sampling


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