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Symphonic String Collection DVD 1

300 р.
PMI Baroque Organ Товар 12 из 61
категории GIG
 Symphonic String Collection DVD 2
Symphonic String Collection DVD 1

Endorsed by Hans Zimmer, Academy Award Winning Composer. More than a year in the making, and involving the talents of an outstanding team of musicians and Sonic Implants own sound designers, the Symphonic Strings Collection is truly a state of the art sample library. It has been designed for the utmost in expressiveness and realism, utilizing the talents of 2001 Emmy award-winning engineer Antonio Oliart, RIAA award-winning engineer John Bono and musicians of the Boston Ballet Orchestra and Boston Pops. Rich multi-dynamic instruments with a natural ambience make it a creative joy for every musician and composer to use.

Technical Specifications
24bit-48k recordings. B&K 4011 front microphones with Schoeps CMC-6Ug and Neumann U87 spot microphones were utilized to capture a rich balance of spatial and instrument detail. Recorded with Benchmark preamps and Troisi A/D converters direct to Tascam DA98HR digital multi-track.

Aesthetics In keeping with our basic design philosophy, we created an assemblage of instruments within each section and articulation that is comprehensive yet practical; providing the user with an abundance of options while avoiding unnecessary duplication and superfluous programming. You'll also find that we kept the instrument list identical between sections to ensure a uniform consistency that will reduce the time you spend managing this collection and greatly increase the time you spend enjoying it.

The Sound Much care was taken in the recording process to deliver a refined sound both spatially and harmonically. Because of this, no additional EQ or panning enhancements should be necessary, of course the option is there. Reverb can be added as lightly or heavily as desired, or none at all.

Ensemble Instruments In addition to the individual sections, we've also included writing patches that smoothly combine & crossfade all 5 string sections. Having all sections available on one keyboard is a convenient way to jot down musical ideas and do quick production work. A symphonic sketchpad for your musical ideas.

The Final Product Our goal, from the first days of pre-production to the last hours of careful polishing was to create a collection that would enable musicians and composers to evoke the true essence of an ensemble string orchestra, in all its complex shading and color, with unsurpassed clarity and ease. The opportunity to harness this vast potential now rests at your fingertips.


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На нашем сайте вы можете скачать или купить почтой Symphonic String Collection DVD 1. Этот товар поступил в продажу в наш магазин 28 Февраль 2005 г.
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