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Mixosaurus Expert Virtual Drums [29 DVD]
Mixosaurus Expert Virtual Drums [29 DVD]

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Zero-G SoundSense Old Skool House
Zero-G SoundSense Old Skool House

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FL Studio 10
FL Studio 10

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Flatpack 2

120 р.
Reason Drum Kits 2 Товар 82 из 150
категории Reason Refills
 Sonic-O-Tool 2
Flatpack 2

Flatpack 2 for Reason 3

Flatpack 2 is the second release from Flatpack Productions Limited and Lapjockey, following on from the award winning Flatpack 1 refill.

FP2 is one of the first refills to take advantage of Reason 3's hugely expanded possibilities, opening the doors to true synth creation and analogue instrument emulation. Flatpack 2 has an even greater wealth of raw element samples, drums, rich textures and ambient soundscapes, perfect for both music production and sound design. The Flatpack 2 Refill is built largely around 4 new instrument concepts constructed within Reason's Combinator environment, and because of the endless programming possibilities, you'll find numerous variations of the following shells:

Kilburn is our framework for re-creating classic synths. We've sampled and looped the raw waveforms from our favourite synths, then carefully copied the signal path and modulation options, filter and LFO ranges, etc. from the original instruments. Combinator's fully modular environment, and assignable programmable front panel system, allows us to create far more accurate emulations than any standard sampler could manage.

Scope is a family of Combinators for generating soundscapes, pads, textures and just about any kind of rich evolving sound beds you can imagine. 100 Scope starting points are provided in the Flatpack 2 refill, each of which can be customised to go off in any direction you like. Each basic Scope contains 2 elements from Flatpack 2's library of weird and wonderful recordings (all looped seamlessly of course). A crossfader allows you to blend the sounds to your liking while other controls determine how the sounds evolve and interact. Scope is dark, disturbing, and atmospheric and perfect for film/TV music.

Boxmoor is our Combinator-based drum machine. Our starting point was inspirational drum machines like the Korg ER-1 and Elektron MachineDrum, but with the added flexibility of design afforded by the Combinator. Boxmoor offers improved sound and real-time control compared to the original ReDrum instrument.

Rex Dex is a collection of rex-based loop players. Rex Dex brings incredible control and new life to loops in Reason, with several tricks up its sleeve for mangling and transforming your rex loops. Of course, we've produced a collection of new loops to use with this Combi, in addition to all your favourites from Flatpack One and any other refill.


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