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Finale 2009
Finale 2009

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FXPansion BFD 2 [6 DVD]
FXPansion BFD 2 [6 DVD]

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Kirk Hunter Pop/Rock Strings

780 р.
Symphonic Strings Collection [3 DVD] Товар 235 из 243
категории NI Kontakt
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Kirk Hunter Pop/Rock Strings

Kirk Hunter Pop/Rock Strings [2 DVD]

Отлично звучащие, готовые к использованию струнные инструменты для ваших поп и рок аранжировок. Ученая степень курса классической аранжировки не понадобится, чтобы создавать с помощью этой звуковой библиотеки ультра-реалистичные струнные аранжировки. Библиотека Kirk Hunter Pop/Rock Strings бала специально создана для современной поп и рок музыки. Скрипки звучат великолепно "прямо из коробки", не требуя от вас проводить уйму часов, настраивая сэмплы для вашего стиля музыки.

Based on the same core samples already used in numerous hit pop and rock songs, movie and television soundtracks, including hit shows such as American Idol, Kirk Hunter Pop/Rock Strings features solo, chamber, studio-sized and symphonic strings with extensive articulations commonly used in pop, rock and other contemporary styles of music. While a number of popular string sample libraries contain samples with a good deal of ambience, leaving you nowhere to go should you want a “dryer” sound, Kirk Hunter Pop/Rock Strings was recorded quite dry in Hollywood, California, enabling it to fit in a wider variety of productions. From an “in your face” dry feel right out of the box to a more ambient vibe, you’ll be able to attain just the right sound for your productions. Using the KONTAKT player, Kirk Hunter Pop/Rock Strings comes with a selection of high quality impulses taken from a well-known Hollywood scoring stage, providing you with a wide range of options -- from early reflections to a full hall, allowing you to quickly audition various settings without the need for additional effect VSTs. Of course, if you prefer, you can also choose to keep the strings dry and process them using your own effects.

The library contains four different sizes of string sections: solo strings, chamber strings, studio strings and symphonic strings, permitting you to select the appropriate section or sections for the composition, whether you use solo strings to create a very intimate atmosphere or blend sections together for a lush sound. Leverage Today’s Advanced Sampling Technology Using the highly-sophisticated KONTAKT sample format, Kirk Hunter Pop / Rock Strings features complex velocity layers, round robin, innovative technologies such as SmartLegato, and more, along with extensive scripting to bring the string samples to life. Quickly Achieve the Articulations You Desire Because your work flow is important, Kirk Hunter Pop / Rock Strings lets you access virtually anything you desire in a single instrument patch. Want to change the attack or some other feature of the violin section? It can be done with one simple move or keyswitch. How about instantly changing from 16 violinist to a soloist? Or blending all four sections together for that custom sound you’ve always wanted? Choose a smooth legato line in one bar, and then grab a section playing fat, aggressive chords in the next. Get a comical “Desperate Housewives” pizzicato, and then instantly go to a dark, brooding suspense sound using tremolos. All this can be done instantly with a click of the mouse, or a hit on your midi keyboard. And what’s even better is that you don’t need to be messing around with a ton of different MIDI tracks to accomplish this. This ability to access almost anything in a SINGLE INSTRUMENT PATCH is something quite new. Kirk Hunter Pop/Rock Strings was designed to get you quickly to the sounds you need without the need for arranging expertise. Included String Sections Kirk Hunter Pop/Rock Strings contains four string sections or divisions handled by our innovative TVEC II programming. We have broken this symphonic string section into four parts.

1) The Whole divisions. A full symphonic sized string orchestra.
2) The Half divisions. Half of the Symphonic string orchestra, also known as “Studio”.
3) The Quarter divisions. One fourth of the symphonic orchestra - 4 players or less per note, also knows as “Chamber”.
4) And the Solo divisions.
Each section or "Division" was recorded 44.1K, 24 bit in a very dry setting. The dry room was chosen so that this library would sound great with the vast array of great reverbs available today. Additionally, this was necessary for it to blend with other popular libraries.


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На нашем сайте вы можете скачать или купить почтой Kirk Hunter Pop/Rock Strings. Этот товар поступил в продажу в наш магазин 07 Май 2018 г.
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