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Sonar 4 Producer Bonus Disk
Sonar 4 Producer Bonus Disk

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KORG Legacy Collection Special Bundle

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Project 5 Version 2

300 р.
Cubase SX 3.1 + Crack Товар 16 из 85
категории Музыкальные редакторы
 Cakewalk Plasma 2003 [2 CDs Set]
Project 5 Version 2

Cakewalk Project5 Version 2 DVD

Blur the boundary between studio and stage, and capture the moment as it happens with Project5 Version 2.

Project5 is simply everything you need to create and perform today's music. Straight out of the box, you get a complete set of superb quality instruments and effects; powerful recording, looping, sequencing, and arranging; dynamic creation tools; and the ultimate open synth host.

Project5 Version 2 has been streamlined to put the features you need most—and larger than life sounds—easily in view and right at your fingertips. Project5 delivers the solid real-time performance, stability, and ease of use of traditional hardware music workstations—but, with the additional power, flexibility, and portability of PC software.

And Project5 is expandable—you have the freedom to use hundreds of DirectX and VST plug-ins and instruments, and industry standard sample formats. Now as both a ReWire Host and Client, there are even more possibilities to expand Project5 and extend your music world.

Bring your inspiration to life, whenever and wherever the passion strikes, with Project5 Version 2.

Features Inspiring Sounds
* Dimension™ multimode sampling synthesizer with over 3 gigabytes of professional content
* PSYN™ II full-featured subtractive synthesizer
* Roland® GrooveSynth™
* DS864™ multiformat digital sampler
* Velocity™ multilayered drum sampler
* nPulse™ analog drum synthesizer
* Cyclone™ DXi groove sampler
* Per-track real-time arpeggiator for sweeping note patterns
* Alias Factor™ bit decimator and resonant filter
* 10 included audio effects: tempo delay, mod filter, reverb, and more
* Hundreds of useful presets including device chain presets for quick setup of instrument, effect, and mix settings
* Free presets, loops, patterns and more at www.project5.com

Dynamic Creation Tools
* Responsive audio engine optimized for real-time use
* Ergonomic user interface provides the right visual feedback and makes the features you need easily accessible
* GrooveMatrix™ real-time pattern and loop trigger/arranger
* Layer synths, play splits from one controller, route multiple controllers to multiple virtual instruments
* Intuitive hands on control from MIDI keyboards and controllers
* Tap tempo

Powerful Sequencing and Recording
* Complete pattern sequencing and arranging environment
* Integrated audio and MIDI recording and editing
* Step sequencer, live input, and advanced MIDI editing
* ACID™-format loop (re)construction with per-slice control of effects, pitch, and mix settings
* Multi-lane tracks for intuitive use of multi-timbral synths and advanced arranging techniques

Open Host Environment
* Ultimate synth host with open support for VST and DirectX instruments and effects
* ReWire™ host and client for integrating with Reason™, SONAR™, Pro Tools™, etc.
* Support for industry standard, and proprietary sample formats: ACID WAV, AIF, Akai S5000/6000, Kurzweil, LM4, Ogg Vorbis, Sound Fonts 2, SFZ, WAV


К настоящему времени нет отзывов, Вы можете стать первым.
Вы можете получить более детальную информацию о диске "Project 5 Version 2" на сайте производителя.
На нашем сайте вы можете скачать или купить почтой Project 5 Version 2. Этот товар поступил в продажу в наш магазин 20 Июнь 2005 г.
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