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The Resource [2 DVDs Set]
The Resource [2 DVDs Set]

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Steinberg Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition [3 CD]
Steinberg Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition [3 CD]

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Sibelius 6 [Full DVD Version]
Sibelius 6 [Full DVD Version]

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WaveLab LE 7.01

120 р.
SONAR X1 Producer [2 DVD] Товар 71 из 117
категории Музыкальные редакторы
 FL Studio 10
WaveLab LE 7.01

Steinberg WaveLab LE 7.01

Top Features:

  • Industry-acclaimed tools for mastering, audio editing and restoration
  • Powerful audio analyzing and metering tools
  • Flexible and intuitive session and window management concept
  • High end restoration suite from plug-in specialists Sonnox
  • First-rate collection of VST3 plug-ins, including StudioEQ and Post Filter
  • Extensive batch processing functions
  • Audio Montage for simultaneous editing across several tracks
  • Professional burning engine with DDP format support
  • DIRAC 2.2 time-stretching and pitch-shifting algorithms

What's New in Version 7

Discover a New Chapter

WaveLab belongs to the very first mastering applications available, its history stretching all the way back to 1995. Over the years WaveLab has seen several milestones in software mastering but, at the same time, has always retained its focus on its sole purpose: to provide the best workflow and tools for mastering, editing and restoration. From professional mastering engineers working on high quality CD and DVD productions to music aficionados who are looking to restore favorite records or even create podcasts on the fly, WaveLab 7 provides a plethora of tools which will most certainly meet all requirements and surpass expectations while seamlessly integrating into existing studio setups.

Perfect Workflow, Custom-Made

WaveLab 7 features a new workflow concept that increases productivity and offers unprecedented flexibility. The new approach includes powerful workspace management, a customizable tab area, an in-application help system and scalable tools and windows. With WaveLab 7 it also becomes very easy to adapt the user interface exactly to your requirements and workflows — whether it is for mastering, editing, restoration or batch processing.

WaveLab Workspace

WaveLab 7 is equipped with four different Workspaces, named Audio File, Audio Montage, Batch Processor and Podcast. Each Workspace is dedicated to a specific job within WaveLab and provides a rich toolset for the respective tasks.

Each Workspace is fully customizable, which makes it easy to adapt the user interface to your requirements and workflows. Windows can be resized, moved and saved as a window layout for later recall.

WaveLab 7 also comes with a wide range of function tabs that can be positioned within the new Tab area and provide quick access to the most important tools.

Audio File Workspace

The Audio File Workspace is the perfect place for sample-accurate audio editing and high quality analysis. Once you insert an audio file, all the advanced WaveLab 7 tools and functions are available to analyze, edit and process the material. Several function tabs and options, such as marker management or the File Browser tab, are readily accessible

Audio Montage Workspace

The Audio Montage Workspace is the heart of non-destructive editing processes in WaveLab 7. Via Audio Montage you can create a compilation from multiple audio files to burn a CD or DVD-Audio. Even the industry-standard DDP is supported as output and input format. Audio Montage allows real-time fades and cross fades, clip-based effects with effect morphing between adjacent clips and track-based effects through the Master section.

Podcast Workspace

The Podcast Workspace is a complete online publishing toolset and allows you to create and publish podcasts in the internet. The simple and intuitive interface lets you produce podcasts from A to Z without ever quitting WaveLab 7. Built-in FTP capabilities, RSS 2.0 support and time-saving templates — the Podcast Workspace provides everything needed to work with this growing internet standard. And with an iTunes account at hand, it is even possible to publish podcasts on iTunes, including the selection of specific iTunes categories.

Batch Processor Workspace

The Batch Processor Workspace is one of the most powerful tools within WaveLab 7. From here you can apply a huge range of editing processes and renaming options to large numbers of audio files with a single command —a feature that saves loads of time and effort. 

WaveLab 7 comes with enhanced batch processing capabilities along with a better usability and performance.  It is even possible to allocate different tasks to the CPU cores in order to maximize processing speed.

WaveLab Control

For even more convenience, the new WaveLab Control section lets you group a freely selectable range of analysis tools in a dedicated space, which can be detached and moved to another display.

WaveLab Control is the perfect tool to organize WaveLab’s studio-grade analyzing tools such as spectroscope, VU metering, oscilloscope, waveform display, spectrum metering, phase correlation tool and bit-metering. Individual combinations of analyzing tools can be saved and recalled at any time, enabling the usage of several analyzing settings for different purposes.

High quality VST3 plug-ins

WaveLab 7 comes with a first-class collection of VST3 plug-ins providing a complete toolset for industry-standard mastering and audio editing, including ultra-precise EQs, spacious reverbs, state-of-the-art dynamic processors and highly adjustable modulation effects.

Whether it is the acclaimed StudioEQ, the flexible Roomworks reverb, Nuendo's outstanding PostFilter or the MultibandCompressor — all included plug-ins deliver unparalleled audio quality paired witch an effective resource handling thanks to the VST3 standard.

Premium Restoration Suite from Sonnox

Clicks, crackles and buzzes — with the Sonnox Restoration Suite unwanted noise is history. WaveLab 7 boasts a whole collection of high end restoration tools, enabling you to accurately and effectively restore impaired audio recordings.

Developed by the Sonnox specialists, DeNoiser, DeBuzzer and DeClicker are capable of removing even the harshest noises without affecting the ambience of the original material. Advanced algorithms, a straightforward user interface and
detailed visual feedback make this suite the first choice for the most demanding audio restoration works.

DIRAC 2.2 Time Stretching and Pitch Shifting Algorithm

DIRAC is among the most advanced algorithms for time-based manipulation of audio material available today and with WaveLab 7 it just got better.

DIRAC 2.2 provides a chromatic pitch correction on an equal-tempered scale as well as a freely definable tuning table. The algorithm features unlimited sample rate support, meaning it is possible to time-stretch and pitch-shift audio material with up to 384 KHz in WaveLab 7. DIRAC 2.2 includes a new formant correction engine that reproduces the instrument and voice tones absolutely precisely. In addition, the speed of time-stretching and pitchshifting processing has been improved.

Made for People Around the World

With full support for Unicode, WaveLab 7 supports entering text in almost any language throughout the application, including Japanese, French, Greek, Russian, Hebrew and many more — a world-class application.

New Burning Engine

WaveLab 7 contains a completely new burning engine that guarantees stable and reliable burning processes. Besides Audio CDs and DVD-Audio, the reworked engine is capable of burning professional DDP images. The detection of burning devices has also been improved.

DDP Support

DDP (Disk Description Protocol) is a professional exchange format used within the mastering industry. This file format is accepted as master for replication by nearly all replication companies. The DDP file does not only include content of the disc, but can contain additional information such as format or structure of the files. WaveLab 7 includes full DDP support with no need to purchase additional tools.

Improved Batch Processing

WaveLab 7 contains a completely overhauled and highly effective batch processing area. Within that section, automatic processing of a large number of audio files can be done within no time. Be it high quality VST3 plug-ins like StudioEQ or the Post Filter tool, internal WaveLab processors such as DC Offset, Dithering or Leveling — it’s simply up to you. Of course, the order of plug-ins (and therewith related the order of processing) can be arranged freely.

A variety of options is available: Defining output paths, more than 15 different output formats, sample rate, bit-resolution or even the inclusion of external tools is just a click away.

Real Multitasking

It is even possible to adjust the allocation of the computer’s processing power, depending on how many computer cores should be occupied by the batch process. Starting from one core up to all existing cores, WaveLab 7 allows you to freely adjust the resources.


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