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Absynth 3 Tutorial DVD

240 р.
Brian May Master Session Товар 19 из 80
категории Музыкальные видео-курсы
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Absynth 3 Tutorial DVD

Native Instruments Absynth 3 Tutorial DVD.

DVD tutorial covering all aspects of ABSYNTH 3 - from the basics to in-depth programming. Includes presets and artist interviews

ABSYNTH 3 is put under the microscope. This new tutorial DVD is essentially an interactive workshop explaining how to use this unique instrument. Native Instruments' very own product specialist hosts a detailed, step-by-step look at the inspiring and creative possibilities of this award-winning synthesizer. International artists invite you into their studios to see how they use ABSYNTH and Brian Clevinger, inventor of this unique synthesizer, tells the story of how it came to be. Sound examples and special presets are also included.

Already in its third generation, ABSYNTH 3 is not only a hugely popular synthesizer, but also an essential tool for high end-producers, film composers, live musicians, and sound designers all over the world. It is a highly flexible, powerful and professional instrument, capable of the most sophisticated sonic designs, from the deeply musical to the otherworldly. This essential tutorial is the easiest way to learn how to get the most out of ABSYNTH 3 and also sheds light on some of ABSYNTH’s best kept secrets. The learning process is enhanced by the addition of presets and sound examples designed by international artists specifically for the purposes of this tutorial.

The DVD presents some easy-to-follow steps that help explain this fascinating tool and demystifies some of the more advanced features. It imparts a very solid working knowledge of this versatile synthesizer and offers a deeper understanding of this unique instrument’s true potential. The tutorial is broken down into chapters, allowing the viewer to stop, skip, jump from feature to feature or restart the chapters, as desired. For added convenience the chapters have also been divided into segments letting viewers skip through the various stages of a chapter. Have ABSYNTH running at the same time and try out what has just been demonstrated.

Included on the disc are also some great extras: studio visits with some great artists who use ABSYNTH in their music, an interview with an award-winning film composer who creates major Hollywood film scores using ABSYNTH as well as a chat with Brian Clevinger, ABSYNTH’s creator and head programmer.

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, this DVD provides a deep insight into a very sophisticated synthesizer, teaches some tips and tricks, and more than anything else inspires a deeper exploration of ABSYNTH and the composition of some great music.


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