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VipZone Vinyl Loops

120 р.
Elements: Indian Товар 77 из 233
категории WAV
 Club Hip Hop
VipZone Vinyl Loops

VipZone Vinyl Loops [WAV/ REX]

Original vinyl sound gives you this typical "clubby" effect, perfectly staying in the mix, just the sound everybody are searching for... so start to feel the real vinyl sound within your virtual studio. Try out new Vinyl Loops !

We've found there are many house loops on the market, recorded from 120 to 130 BPM but not so many loops designed for faster productions. However most of the applications have an option to raise the tempo, but loops processed in this way usually don't fit to the faster arrangements. This is because in most cases these are basicaly house loops and that's why we created another loops, directly in 140 BPM for dance, trance and techno producers.

Every loop has 3 versions: first - digital with clean sound, second - passed through vinyl record, and third - digital with ultra-compression in Benny Benassi style.

Now we will tell you more about Vinyl Sound. Vinyl sound is a legend. In opposite to clean digital sound it brings more warm to the listener's ear. Vinyl pressing gives a very unique smoothness to the sound, combined with a little distortion coming from high frequencies. There are many "vinyl simulators" on the market, but they actually do nothing except adding some clicks and noise to the material. Well, that's a shame, maybe that's why some of these vinyl simulators became free applications in the short period of time :-). But we give you REAL vinyl sound, pressed on true vinyl and recorded back to the digital domain so you can easily use it within your productions. The greatest advantage of vinyl loops is that they will stay perfectly mixed with other parts of your arrange, like nothing else. It is possible thanks to specific unique character of vinyl sound which gives you this typical "clubby" sound everybody search for...

Except of vinyl loops we give you also Ultra Compressed Loops. What does it mean?. It means we used high quality compressors and equalisers (of course not native PC compressors) to achieve smooth and heavy compression effect like in Benny Benassi tracks or other house and some trance tracks. These ultra-compressed loops are REALLY POWERFUL and will take your sound to another level !

Samplepack contains over 2500 files stored WAV format and also in Recycle format called RX2. All samples are available in single files or Refill Packs.

The additional (but important) information is that you won't need any special licence to use the loops in commercial productions. You can just buy, use drumloops within your productions and sell your tracks without any additional costs.


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