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Sonokinetic Haka

120 р.
Sonokinetic Toccata Товар 202 из 239
категории NI Kontakt
 Nevel Harp
Sonokinetic Haka

Sonokinetic Haka [Kontakt]

Сэмплы музыки воинственных племен островов Тихого океана.

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Russ Landau and Sonokinetic joined forces with pacific warriors.This library is guaranteed to help you impress your opponent and proclaim your strength and prowess in order to intimidate your opposition. Recorded on location deep within the Vanuatu, Samoan, Hawaiian and the Marquesas Islands, this is original tribal warrior music that we discovered and captured in high quality audio. With this production we’re proud to present you a testament of these ancient musical cultures in song, chant and dance.

Scraping the surface of this vast cultural heritage Russ Landau and Sonokinetic invested in producing a collection of samples that are unmatched in authenticity, realism, power and beauty. Lomax would have been jealous and anxious if he’d knew what would be possible with modern technology.

This second volume of this special sample line we’re enriching field recorded genuine original ethnic music with a high mark on originality and usability.

The intelligent scripting and use of the Kontakt sample format makes this sample pool of live performed music and dance fit right in, or be the base to work from for, your compositions and productions.Built in a single Kontakt patch, this new setup will give you the flexibility to construct your own instrument by selecting and adding groups of samples and simply dragging them to your midi keyboard. So gone are the days that you had to weed through tons of patches.

A note by Russ:

“Bringing authenticity of place and tradition has been very important to my scoring for Survivor. I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to record traditional ancestral music all over the globe and incorporate it into my scores. “HAKA” is the result of the fantastic people from Sonokinetic taking the best of my personal field and studio recordings of musicians from Tahiti, the Marquesas, Vanuatu and Samoa and bringing these to your fingertips. Thanks to all the musicians and traditional performers from Samoa, Vanuatu and Marquesas/Tahiti who lent their extraordinary talents to this project.” February 2011 – Russ Landau


Base samples: 1 instrument patch containing:

  1. Haka (Manu Siva Tau, Cibi, Hula, Haka and other Pacific originating warrior performances)
  2. Tribe Ensemble performances (instrument & vocals combined)
  3. Vocals
  4. Drums & Percussion
  5. Bonus

1 instrument for Kontakt 4.1 and higher with 3 tab screens

  • Main View, IR, and a credits tab
  • Convolution reverb applied to the multi instrument to represent the original acoustic space.
  • 4 impulses available
  • Sonokinetic clickable IR sphere design knob
  • Dynamic sample loading & purging for efficient memory usage
  • Customizable instrument grouping and mapping – build your own patches to suit your needs.
  • 600+ sampled looped samples. (681MB samples)

Tempo synchronization:

With Haka we introduce tempo syncing to all samples. Each sample group (patch) has been carefully edited into tempo locked loop zones. Which will make these patches a breeze to sync with your arrangement tempo and be easy to fit in any composition.

Collection Specifications:

  • Haka: Haka Mutu, Haka Mutu Whisper, Haka Mutu2, Haka Mutu Whisper 2, Haka Mutu Whisper group, Mahau, Soft Gutteral, Marquesans.
  • Tribe Ensembles: Drums Chant, Drums and Vocals sting, Marquesan Roots, Forlorn Vanu Cowboys, Vanu War dance, Drum & Chant, Drum and Chant sting, Drum and Laughing, Sipu Lika Da Fellow, Vakahue, Sipu Awayeyay, Sipu Yahah
  • Drums & Percussion: Drums grouped, Drums Solo, Marquesan Drummers, Drum Stings,
  • Vocals: Mahau, Chants, Short Shouts, Heave Hey, Mave Solo Female, Sipu’s Call, Yeah Hey Ho Whispers, Tempo free patches

Sample selector

By clicking the sample selector you can browse through the full

sample pool without loading new patches. Just click the set you’re interested in and Haka will load all available sub collections. By pressing “add” you can appoint the sub collection to your UI preferred location on your keyboard.  We’ve also build an auto audio preview when you click the subgroup. (1 sec audio example play feature). Due to the recording style we’ve used (Field recordings), we captured the raw authentic sound from our musicians. These loops are perfectly zero-crossed looped and loop zone marked (transients). Some loops have alternate starting points to accomplish a ‘perfect’ loop.


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