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Ueberschall Twang

300 р.
Dream Voices for Alchemy Товар 467 из 564
категории VST
 LinPlug SaxLab 2 v2.2.1
Ueberschall Twang

Ueberschall Twang [DVD][Elastik Soundbank]

Рок-гитара со звуком в стиле фильмов Тарантино.

'Twang' from Ueberschall features the unique guitar sound that has shaped Surf Rock, Rockabilly and the so-called Spaghetti Western genre during the Sixties. Due to its rediscovery, 'Twang' is up-to-date, more than ever, just listen to Tarantino's movies.
The distinctive sound of 'Twang' is mainly produced by hitting the lower strings of a single-coil-equipped clean electric or baritone guitar with a plectrum near the bridge. This specific tone is harmonically rich and sustaining and often modulated in pitch by string-bending or the use of the guitar's vibrato arm. Authentic sound reproduction relies on using clean Fender valve amplification with audible spring reverb and a tape delay as additional ingredients.
The library contains 10 Construction Kits, ranging from Surf Rock to soundtrack themes that could have been taken out of any 60's Italo-Western or crime movie. The sounds of 'Twang' have been recorded directly without the use of any pitch manipulation. All guitars, baritones and electric basses were recorded through original classic amplifiers - no simulations!
The Kits cover a tempo range from 76 to 144 BPM. Every Construction Kit offers a complete mix of all tracks plus individual tracks for guitar, bass, percussion and the drum kit components. This way, you may also create your personal mix of kick, snare, toms, hi-hats and overhead microphones.
Kits One to Nine include intro, parts A and B, break and outro. Construction kit 10 contains 12 tracks of different instruments designed to be used as breaks in all other kits.
'Twang' is the perfect library to create authentic movie scores, advertisements and games with the specific retro touch of a Spaghetti Western or crime series including the modern counterparts. And since these original soundtracks have always been a favoured source for sampling, 'Twang' also is a great match for producers of Big Beat, Dance and Hip Hop tracks.


The free Elastik player allows changing the tempo and pitch of any loop in the highest quality and within the blink of an eye. Thanks to its attribute-based browser, all loops within all installed Elastik libraries can be found quickly and be combined to new Construction Kits. This is of great use when using loops across different genres. Functions such as Resample, Formant, Reverse and Elastik's effective multi-mode filter allows turning the retro loops of 'Twang' into modern versions with ease.


• Production: Kai Reuter & Uwe Kinast
• Drums & Percussion: Michael Fromm
• Bass: Kai Reuter
• Guitars: Kai Reuter

Product Summary:

• 10 Construction Kits
• 2 GB
• Over 772 loops and single samples
• Rock, Retro, Dance & Big Beat
• Elastik Player included - no sampler required!
• Elastik Soundbank for Mac/PC/AU/VST/RTAS/StandAlone

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